Virtual Reality – Storytelling Is Being Improved

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More and more projects have appeared at the New Frontier exhibit, but while none of the projects can say they are ‘œconsumer ready’, they still show us how virtual reality technology will improve storytelling. Right now, we will talk about six of the projects, some being available for free downloading.


The lab of Max Rheiner was the one that developed the Oculus Rift customized flight simulator which will give the players the experience of being a real bird.

In this mode, if you look at your arms, you will see wings, and looking down you will see your shadow cast as a bird of prey.

As you take the ‘œbird’ position, the sense of normality is changed dramatically. The fan blowing in your face adds to the bird experience. The controls are very easy to learn and understand.

Verse Evolution

Alongside Digital Domain, Chris Milk works on creating a realistic CGI, 3D virtual reality movie which will take the viewer on new adventures.

What To Wear? Reviewing Samsung VR Gear

The best way to describe this project would be to say that it is the best screen saver. T can be considered to be ‘˜L’Arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat’ s sequel.

The best way of experiencing Evolution of Verse would be to use the Samsung’s VR Gear headset.

The Syria Project

This project invites you to walks down a street in the Syrian district Aleppo. This street is very realistic with children playing games, vendors selling different things when a rocket suddenly hits scattering everything around.

It is an ambitious project, therefore it might seem that they are trying too hard. The art presented in video games can be another focus for the player, as it seems to show him the way to go.

Way To Go

This is also a new interactive storytelling mode created by Vincent Morisset. Using Oculus Rift, Way To Go sends you off to a magical walk in the woods. The setting seems almost dreamlike, as you, the player is represent as a stick figure in this animated dream world. Although controlling your avatar may seem confusing, it adds up to the experience.

First Chapter of Perspective: The Party

In this party setting a young woman wishes to lose the ‘˜shy girl’ identity and a charming, awkward young man wishes for a similar reinvention.

The first six minutes are from the man’s point of view as he flirts with a girl. The viewer, is essentially the man, experiencing what he is living, seeing what he sees. In the second half, you are experiencing the movie from the girl’s perspective.

Rose Troche, says that this project was not meant to make any statements about college rape, but was only meant to study t the perspective’s subjectivity.

At one point in this, you seem to notice that you are heading in a mental journey, from guilt to pain. At some points you simply want to stop everything, but you are forced to watch the reality of many people.

Experience The WILD

In this virtual reality story you are sent to the setting form the movie Wild. The purpose of this experience seems to be an interactive movie trailer.